Flash Drive Toolkit (Like a Boss)

In this article, I’ll describe the various tools I keep on my flash drive. For a list of the various purposes I have for my flash drives, see my article The Three Flash Drives You Need to Have.   Hiren’s…

MetaMe Postmortem

I’m going to talk a little bit today about our first project, MetaMe.
This post will be relatively brief, as I’m unsure many will be interested in my digressions on the subject.

To start with, let’s address the core concept

Why I Wanted Ipsilly In My Life

Hopefully, this post will explain to you why you should be using Ipsilly. The original idea behind creating Ipsilly was to have a chat program that, rather than being randomized, had the benefit of anonymity, but allowed me to talk…

MetaMe Applet Explanation: Mosaic

MetaMe Applet Explanation: Mosaic

Our MetaMe Facebook App was an amalgamation of smaller apps, the most (probably only) successful among them being Mosaic.

Ipsilly Discussion: Designing the Interface

With Ipsilly, we decided we wanted to go with a light, pastel-colored theme. We got a little lazy about the specific color selection, simply adopting the most common color currently used on the web: blue. From there, it was finding…