Interesting Internet #6

This is the latest in a series of interesting links that I've been posting. In the past, I was just e-mailing these to Darrell, but I've been adding them to the website in hopes that they help someone who runs across them.

I often have trouble keeping up with all of the many crazy things that Google can do. Whenever I see something that looks interesting to me, I like to go to the Google Code Playground to play around with it, and the API for it.

An extension called Awesome new tab page for Google Chrome is really neat. You can get plugins for it, and it essentially turns Chrome's New Tab Page into a Windows-Phone-Like tile spread. New tiles can be developed for it. My one gripe is that the "click here to open all of the tabs you had open when you closed the browser" button is gone.

I've tried to replace my Reddit perusing with light reading on the following boards:

As far as I know, this only works in Firefox, but this Video Greenscreen effect using canvas is quite impressive.

This javascript bookmarklet is one of the coolest tools on mrdoob's three.js site. If you add this to your bookmarks, and open it on any page running three.js, you'll be able to inspect each of the objects.

I've read quite a bit of this Nihilogic site. I've also looked at quite a bit of his code, and learned a great deal from this man.