Living with color blindness, the influence behind my first Facebook application

I am not color blind.

My roommate, however, is. After the usual gauntlet of questions that the uninformed tend to ask the color blind, I decided that it would be better to just design something that would show me exactly what he sees. I started out with a tiny visual basic application and later ported the code into php and made what would eventually become “What if I was Color Blind?”

What if I was Color Blind was my first Facebook application and is as simple as it sounds. A user adds the application, selects an album, selects a picture, and then sees what that picture would look like if they were type protonopia(red/green) color blind. Exciting I know…

The idea was bred out of utility and not necessity so it displays itself as a neat little tool. I tested it against my roommate who assures me that he can see no difference between the generated picture and the input picture so I know its accurate. It only displays the one type of color blindness, and there are several, so its not really applicable if you want to see what things would look like for a person who wasn’t just red/green color blind.

You can find the application at: